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Men's Health

Customized and Comprehensive

Men often come in wondering about their testosterone levels, a natural curiosity especially when they aren’t feeling their best. Although we often check testosterone levels, we try to ensure we look at the whole patient outside of that as well. Fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction, mood changes, and low libido are common complaints that bring men into the clinic but these can be linked to other medical concerns as well. We encourage you to ask questions and we try to create a safe space to allow for open discussion so we can get to the root of your concerns. Because of this we also focus on screening labs and always check blood pressure. All of these items help us to get a full picture of your overall health to help guide you toward the best answers for you.  

Common things we address include:  

  • Annual well checks  

  • Prostate health  

  • High Blood pressure 

  • Diabetes 

  • Testosterone replacement therapy  

  • Sexual health  

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Men's Health: Service
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